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Reading Glasses Redefined!

NEVER OUT OF REACH The ultra-slim universal storage pod with included adhesive easily attaches to the back of your cell phone or fits in your pocket, wallet, or purse - so your glasses are never far from reach.

ULTRA FLEXIBLE Durable and flexible titanium alloy bridge allows glasses to flex to fit any nose and is guaranteed to withstand over 4,000 flexes – so you’ll never have to worry about them breaking!

INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE As thin as 2 credit cards and lighter than a nickel, ThinOPTICS are so lightweight and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

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Real People Love ThinOptics!

“When I leave the house, I have my keys, my wallet, and that’s about it. To carry one more thing is just not going to work. I can tuck them into my pocket, they’re really thin and compact and easy to use.”

“When I go grocery shopping I have a hard time reading the fine print of the labels. These are great…I just take them out, give them a little flex, put them on and problem solved!”

Top 5 Reasons to Try ThinOptics

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Tired of Losing
Your Reading Glasses?

Stick Anywhere, Go Everywhere
Never lose your glasses again! ThinOPTICS are incredibly thin and flexible and their unique armless design allows them to be tucked away safely in their carrying pod. Secure them to the back of your cell phone or slip them into your pocket or purse so they’re never out of reach.

Flex, Fit, Tuck, Repeat
To use ThinOPTICS, simply flex them open, fit them to your nose, then tuck them safely back into their carrying pod. ThinOPTICS flexible nose bridge withstands thousands of bends and the super comfortable nose pads allow them to fit universally on every nose without slipping and sliding.


Take them Anywhere Keep ThinOPTICS in their ultra-slim universal carrying pod, toss it in your bag and rest assured knowing your glasses will be kept safe from breaking and easy to find.

Stick them Anyplace Special adhesive allows you to stick and re-stick the ultra-slim universal carrying pod wherever it’s convenient. Keep a pair wherever you need them most!

Have them Anytime Stick them to the back of your cell phone, tablet or favorite device so they’re there whenever you need them.

Get This Deal! Guaranteed For Life!

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